Together in solidarity

Wednesday May 1, International Workers’ Day, working people all over the world will take to the streets to celebrate the working class in all its diversity. In Nijmegen as well we will take the streets to celebrate the working class and its potential to change the world. We will commemorate the brave advocates of workers’ rights in the past, but reflect on the threats we are confronted with today, as well. Whether its right-wing and far-right politicians in The Hague, or reactionary Catholics in Nijmegen: they are more and more successful in dividing people with their racist, sexist and LGBT+ phobic shit. That’s why, May 1, we will powerfully make our voice heard against all forms of exploitation, discrimination and repression. We will show that our solidarity is stronger than their imposed divisions – together, we can change the world!

Will you join Nijmegen Workers’ Day demonstration?

Wednesday May 1st, 6 PM, Central Train Station