May 1 st is International Workers’ Day. On this day we will gather in solidarity with activists who, both here and far away, fight against the capitalist system and prioritize people and the environment about profit.

At this year’s May Day demonstration in Nijmegen, we would like to see everyone in the Netherlands, from migrants to the LGBTQ community, from women to those in retirement or the youth. The fight for safe labor practices started long ago, but we are still far from achieving the equitable standards that we deserve worldwide. We can not forget that, although much of the exploitation and warfare seem so far away, they are the direct result of the current economic and political system, and are affecting us here: refugees search a safe new home; the climate gets back at us; the permanent state of emergency erodes our personal and collective freedoms; increasing work pressure and bureaucracy; social housing is deconstructed;

We want a society that has the wellbeing or all on its mind, and we know this is possible!

Join us on May 1 st at 17:30 at Van Schaeck Mathonsingel (just opposite Nijmegen Central Station) as we stand together on demand for the construction of an alternative. Following the demonstration, we will gather at the Klinker for an evening program of music, food, discussion and community.